Westinghouse 9V Chargeable Battery 200mAh

Dhs. 45.00

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Westinghouse 1x 9V Rechargeable Battery 200mAh (SKU=NH-9V200ARBP1)

Keep your 9V-powered devices running strong with the Westinghouse 9V Rechargeable Battery. This single battery packs a 200mAh capacity, providing reliable performance for your smoke detectors, fire alarms, and other low-drain electronics.


  • Single 9V rechargeable battery for powering low-drain devices
  • 200mAh capacity for extended use
  • Reduces battery waste for a more sustainable choice
  • Ideal for use in smoke detectors, fire alarms, remote controls, and more


  • Battery Type: 9V
  • Capacity: 200mAh
  • Chemistry: Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH)
  • Rechargeable: Yes
  • Quantity: 1 battery
  • SKU: NH-9V200ARBP1

Benefits of Using Rechargeable Batteries:

  • Save money over time by replacing disposable batteries
  • Reduce environmental impact by minimizing battery waste
  • Enjoy consistent performance with reliable recharges


  • Please refer to your device's user manual for compatible battery types.

Power your essential devices with long-lasting performance. Order your Westinghouse 9V Rechargeable Battery today!