Uni-T USB Testers UT658 DUAL

Dhs. 45.00

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Categories: Uni-T
  • MULTIFUNCTION: Our UT658 series USB testers measures output voltage, current, energy, capacity, circuit equivalent resistance, D+ and D- voltage of USB data cable, and more. This series is designed to be precise, reliable,stable, and portable.
  • REAL-TIME MONITORING: This USB Detector features with LCD screen can show all the measure digital, easy to see the current and voltage of the devices, and monitoring charging efficiency at any time to protect charging equipment.
  • HIGH INSPECTION: The second generation UT658 series USB testers can inspect USB chargers, portable power sources, data cables and other electronics charging devices.
  • HIGH ACCURACY: This Digital Power Capacity Tester is designed to be accurate, reliable, stable, and portable, and is made of high quality white ABS material, which has excellent insulation and very beautiful.
  • WIDE APPLICATION: This USB Tester can be widely used in varieties of test: PC/Laptop/Desktop Computer/Mobile Phone/Power Bank/Charger/Discharge Load/Car Charger/Cable Measurement.