JMGO N1 Ultra Triple Color Laser Gimbal 4K Projector

Dhs. 8,499.00 Dhs. 6,499.00

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SKU: JMGO N1 Ultra J92-5D5
  • MALC™ Triple Color Laser Optics: 2200 CVIA Lumens, BT.2020 gamut coverage, 1600:1 contrast ratio, HDR 10.
  • 4K UHD: True-to-life 4K image.
  • Integrated Gimbal Design: Pan (360° horizontally) and Tilt (135° vertically)with ease to find the perfect place for projection even on the ceiling.
  • Android TV 11: Easily find endless entertainment.
  • Immersive Dynaudio HiFi Audio Experience: Vibrant sound featuring 45Hz extreme low-frequency bass and certified by Dolby Audio and DTS. 10W*2 large speakers and 26dB low noise.
  • EPP Packing Design: Take it Anywhere.