Shell Battery Charger & Maintainer SBC400

Dhs. 275.00

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  • 6V and 12V, 4 a sealed lead acid li-ion batteries.
  • Auto voltage detection battery reconditioning.
  • Repairs damaged batteries.
  • LCD screen display the charging rate, charging status and battery mood.
  • Waterproof IP65.
  • SMART DETECTION: This car battery charger automatically detects 6V and 12V batteries; suitable for charging lead-acid including flooded gel, AGM, plus Li-ion batteries.
  • 7 LEVELS OF PROTECTION: Provides multiple levels of protection against short-circuit, reverse polarity, over-temperature, defective battery, over-charging, over-voltage and over-current; the included charging cables are fused adding another layer of safety.
  • PORTABLE AND ALL-WEATHER: Charge your batteries with this car charger even during very cold weather; it is dust-proof, waterproof, and lightweight, making it perfect to bring anywhere.
  • MULTI-STAGE CHARGING: Shell's battery charger operates with 11 charging stages that includes desolation, soft start, bulk, absorption, battery test, and trickle; charging adjusts when the battery is full.
  • WIDE COMPATIBILITY: This automatic battery charger maintains and restores a range of automobile batteries such as those from cars, motorcycles, utility vehicles, boats, lawnmowers and water crafts.