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Westinghouse Multifunctional Rechargeable LED Light WF215

Dhs. 110.00

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Westinghouse WF215-CB Dual-Source LED Work Light

Introducing the WF215-CB, an innovative LED work light designed for versatile illumination situations. Whether you need high-intensity focused light or soft ambient illumination, this work light has you covered with its dual light sources.

  • Dual Light Sources: Combining a 5W LED and 60X SMD LEDs, providing multiple light options suitable for various tasks or environments.
  • Variable Lumen Output: Select from LED high/low and SMD white high/low for maximum brightness as required for tasks.
  • Extended Operating Times: Offering a long run-time of 3 hours on LED high, 7 hours on LED low, 9 hours on SMD white high, and a remarkable 35 hours on SMD white low settings.
  • Quick Charging: Enables fast and easy recharging to full capacity within 5 hours with a 5V 1A input.
  • Adjustable CCT: The ability to adjust color temperature from 6000K to 10000K for customizing light according to different needs and preferences.
  • Compact and Lightweight: Weighing around 360g and small with dimensions of 165 x 92 x 120 mm, it’s easy to carry, position, and store for on-the-go lighting solutions.


  • Versatility in Use: Wide range of lighting applications, from detailed jobs to larger spaces, making it adaptable to various settings.
  • Long-Lasting Performance: Equipped with extended operating times and quick recharging to sustain productivity even through prolonged tasks or outdoor ventures.
  • Customizable Illumination: The ability to fine-tune brightness levels and color temperature aids in adapting light to specific tasks, enhancing visibility and comfort.
  • Portable Design: Mobility and easy setup enhance the flexibility of this light, supporting productivity and safety both indoors and outdoors.
  • Energy-Efficient Lighting: LED technology delivers energy-saving illumination, minimizing power consumption and supporting eco-conscious lighting solutions.

Invest in a lighting solution that combines versatility, efficiency, and durability for all your illumination needs. The WF215-CB Dual-Source LED Work Light is your reliable, adaptable choice for any situation, ensuring you stay illuminated in all your activities.